Lincoln Park: later years Lincoln Park: later years Pirates Den 36327413 Comet in 1986 36327414 Comet in 1986 36327415 Lift hill in 1986 36327416 Cheryl Bernat and a friend enjoying some cotton candy 36327417 Christina's Mom on the kids carousel 36327418 Christina's Mom 36327539 Clambake Pavilion 36327540 The Comet in the 80s 36327541 Comet 36327542 Comet 36327543 Giant Yellow Slide 36327544 Corrie, Tracy and Tom McDermott on the Carousel 1985 36327545 Comet in earlier years 36327546 36327547 By the miniature golf course 36327548 Corrie McDermott on the Mother Goose Ride 36327549 36327550 36327551 Monster Ride 36327552 A rare winter photo of Lincoln Park. Taken looking toward some of the Mini golf course and the Comet Taken by and courtesy of Lawrence 36484138 Giant Slide (From LP Brochure) 38057206 Comet Jr. Coaster. (from LP Brochure) 38057207 Kiddie Sky Fighter (from Brochure) 38057208 Mini Golf (From Brochure) 38057209 Picnic Pavilion (From Brochure) 38057210 Plush One Stand (From Brochure) 38057211 Salt Water Taffy (From Brochure) 38057212 Tilt A Whirl with Monster ride in BG (from brochure) 38057213 Train around the golf course (from Brochure) 38057214 Hand Stamp booth (from Brochure) 44195842 Cigarette Stand (from Brochure) 44195843 Flying Cages ride (from brochure 44195844 Grocery Stand (from brochure 44195845 Jet Ride (from brochure) 44195846 Kiddie Ferris Wheel (from brochure) 44195847 hand drawn map (from brochure 44195848 mini golf and Comet Jr (from brochure 44195849 Monster Ride and Arcade (from brochure) 44195850 Picnic Pavilion (from Brochure 44195851